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12 Responses to Comments

  1. Tom Neiman says:

    Nicely done Mike!


  2. Jh says:

    Great blog! Photos are beautiful

  3. Jack McPherson says:

    Great blog Mike! I’m looking forward for more to come.

  4. Tricia says:

    Lovely blog Mike, nice photos!

  5. Joann says:

    I shed a tear for Kolby. I remember him well from the neighborhood. I love reading your blog.

    • Mike Hohmann says:

      Thanks, Joann. Kolby was really one heck of a good dog and we had lots of fun together. The girls used to call him Kolby Cheese! I’m glad you enjoy the blog. Thanks for reading regularly.

  6. Sally Rubenstein says:

    Mike.Happy Holidays and a speedy recovery to you. XO

  7. ve3eby says:

    Thanks for your follow and comments on my blog. Maybe we can have a QSO sometime on the air. 73, Paul, VE3EBY.

    • Mike Hohmann says:

      Sounds like a good idea, Paul. I was delayed in upgrading my license, but that’s back on track now and my gear should soon be ready. I enjoy your blog, and I’ll keep that QSO in mind! Thanks for stopping by. 73 de Mike, KEØGZT.

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