Never Forget


Sixteen years is getting to be awhile, yet I’ll never forget watching the ‘9-11’ events unfold live on television that fall morning – first out in NYC, then in Arlington, VA and finally outside Shanksville, PA. The thoughts going through my head -the sights I couldn’t believe! The link above is from my ‘9-11-01’ post last year, which I tried to keep simple.

For those of you wanting to review the terrorist events of 9/11 in some detail, perhaps you have some questions, etc., you can find many of the details here at

This war began on 9-11-01 (actually many years earlier) and it continues today. There is really no end in sight… it just goes on! The terrorist weapons now include rented and stolen vehicles used to mow down innocent civilians walking the sidewalks in major cities around the world… lone gunmen open fire in dance halls, hotels, and in local government meetings -anywhere! Suicide bombers walk into hotels, anywhere they want, and cause death and chaos. Or maybe someone jumps out of a car and starts slashing passers-by with a knife or machete.

They can’t win on the battlefield, so they go after innocent civilians -on our streets and in our shopping malls. The battlefront is shifting. It’s time we change the rules of engagement. Fight for your rights… as enumerated in the Bill of Rights of our Constitution. It doesn’t need updating to reflect the 21st century, it just needs enforcement! When out and about, pay attention to your surroundings, and get to the range more often -remember when your parents told you that practice makes perfect -they were right! And don’t forget to hit those trails hard -stay strong! And if you’re young enough and tough enough, enlist in the military and fight this evil!

Remember, freedom ain’t free!

Never Forget!



73, Mike, KEØGZT  Clear!


About Mike Hohmann

I did lots of camping/hiking as a kid in the Scouts, and I still strive to 'be prepared.' After high school, I got bored with more school and enlisted in the Army Corps. of Engineers, doing two tours in Vietnam. Post military, I completed BS and MBA degrees and spent several decades with Corporate America, working mostly in the areas of conventional and renewable energy. I also spent over a decade as a self-employed small business consultant in marketing and finance. As a young family man with a wife and two kids, we spent many vacations camping and hiking in northern Minnesota. I spent additional long weekends fishing the rivers and camping/hiking along the North Shore of Lake Superior. I retired early and hit the trails hard-- in the lower-48, Alaska, and western Canada. These days I backpack, car-camp and day-hike, go snowshoeing, and try to get the grand-kids out to teach them the ways of the trail. Other interests include American Revolutionary War and Civil War history, 19th and 20th century firearms, Native American history; business and macroeconomics. I'm a recently-licensed amateur (Ham) radio operator, and I look forward to many radio-related adventures in coming months. Life is good! Member, Superior Hiking Trail Association; Member, Appalachian Mountain Club; Member, REI; Member, ARRL- Amateur Radio Relay League, the National Assoc. for Amateur Radio; Twin Cities Metro Skywarn Spotter; Twin City FM Club; Richfield Amateur Radio Club; QRP ARCI, Low-Power Amateur Radio Club International; Honorary Member, Toronto QRP Society; Life Member, National Rifle Association
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5 Responses to Never Forget

  1. I will never forget that day and exactly what I was doing when I first heard the news. We were just on a little trip to Santa Fe, NM and the town did a lovely remembrance ceremony in the historic plaza. Yes, very sad what is happening with war/terrorism around the world.

    • Mike Hohmann says:

      Yes, Caroline I’m sure many folks have memories of that day. I have an interesting story about 9-11-01 -I narrowly escaped being there -on site in lower Manhattan. Perhaps I’ll post about it next year. I must have been living right!

      Your mention of Santa Fe made me smile -it’s one of my favorite places to visit. I’ve also been to the Gila Wilderness (SO near Silver City) several times, and up along the Pecos River about 30 mi NE of Santa Fe (as the crow flies) a couple of times. And, I’ve even thought of you several times in past weeks, wondering how your trip to Glacier went, assuming you got into the park given all the fires. I’d heard McDonald Lodge and at least one chalet were closed for awhile due to smoke and fire danger. Hope you made it, but I guess I’ll find out via your blog. Thanks for stopping by, Caroline.

  2. Wow, you should definitely post about that…scary stuff and I’m glad you are here to tell us about it.

    Sadly, we decided to postpone Glacier. After looking at the webcams and talking to the park officials it didn’t make much sense to hike without those beautiful views and breathing in all that bad air. This is the second time we’ve had to cancel a trip to Glacier. Hopefully next year it will happen!

    Since we had already booked the time off we scrambled to find another destination. Santa Fe has been on our list for a long time and even though it was a totally different experience from what we would have done at Glacier, we loved it. Great town and wonderful scenery around it. I’ll be doing some posts. Cheers Mike

    • Mike Hohmann says:

      You made the right decision, Caroline. Glacier will be there next year, and btw, your timing for the trip was good. I may even get back to Santa Fe yet this year; we took a grandson with us a couple years ago -he and my wife flew into Albuquerque, I picked them up since I was doing some solo hiking out that way. We camped/hiked in Gila Wilderness, traveled through the mountains west of Gila, then hit Santa Fe and went up into Colorado and the Rockies, and Denver… then back to the airport and home. I arrived a week later! Love those trips. I’ve promised to get him to Idaho soon. He told my wife he loved Idaho and he hasn’t even been there yet… he’s only heard me talking about it around the campfire this past summer 😉 Thanks for the feedback, Caroline.

  3. Hope you get your grandson to Idaho soon so he can see it with his own eyes. Great little story.

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