Snow is on the way!

At long last we have snow on the way. Looks like snowshoeing is just around the corner -this Thurs. or Fri. and for who knows how long! I’ll just have to wait and see what blows in…where and how much! I may end up anywhere within a 75-100 mi radius, depending on the track of the storm, temps and moisture. Gonna be fun. I’ll let you know next week how it all goes -complete with photos. I may be alone or with friends on this adventure. One thing for certain – I won’t be camping! Possibly some radio work (VHF/UHF only). Looking forward to seeing lots of deer and maybe even a wolf or two if I get lucky.



The author atop Mt. Katahdin, 2014

Who’s up to hike the Appalachian Trail (the AT) starting in Georgia on about March 1st, and heading 2,000+ miles north to Mt. Katahdin, in Baxter State Park, Maine. About a 5 month adventure +/- a few weeks. Mike N. is an experienced hiker looking for another hiker (or 2-3) to join him for the thru-hike, or sections thereof. Meet him along the way if you’re short on time; do a section or two, or join him and hike all the way to Maine. Check his blog for more details and follow it as he does front-end planning, then hits the trail and posts his daily progress. Can’t make the hike -just follow his blog and wish you were along! It’s just that easy – get the details here. Hell, maybe I’ll meet him and hike a section or two myself -Vermont (near Killington) up to Franconia Ridge might be a fun trip. Likewise maybe a section around Harper’s Ferry or down NC way. Get your maps out and see what looks good. Maybe I’ll see you on the AT this summer!


73, de Mike, KEØGZT



About Mike Hohmann

I did lots of camping/hiking as a kid in the Scouts, and I still strive to 'be prepared.' After high school, I got bored with more school and enlisted in the Army Corps. of Engineers, doing two tours in Vietnam. Post military, I completed BS and MBA degrees and spent several decades with Corporate America, working mostly in the areas of conventional and renewable energy. I also spent over a decade as a self-employed small business consultant in marketing and finance. As a young family man with a wife and two kids, we spent many vacations camping and hiking in northern Minnesota. I spent additional long weekends fishing the rivers and camping/hiking along the North Shore of Lake Superior. I retired early and hit the trails hard-- in the lower-48, Alaska, and western Canada. These days I backpack, car-camp and day-hike, go snowshoeing, and try to get the grand-kids out to teach them the ways of the trail. Other interests include American Revolutionary War and Civil War history, 19th and 20th century firearms, Native American history; business and macroeconomics. I'm a recently-licensed amateur (Ham) radio operator, and I look forward to many radio-related adventures in coming months. Life is good! Member, Superior Hiking Trail Association; Member, Appalachian Mountain Club; Member, REI; Member, ARRL- Amateur Radio Relay League, the National Assoc. for Amateur Radio; Twin Cities Metro Skywarn Spotter; Twin City FM Club; Richfield Amateur Radio Club; QRP ARCI, Low-Power Amateur Radio Club International; Honorary Member, Toronto QRP Society; Life Member, National Rifle Association
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4 Responses to Snow is on the way!

  1. HelloNeiman! says:

    Thanks Mike, I’d gladly welcome you or anyone to join! Having a seasoned veteran of this trail alongside sounds like a great treat, and I’m always open to meeting other new enthusiasts.

    • Mike Hohmann says:

      Hopefully you’ll find a few folks that have the time and interest, Mike. It’s a nice opportunity for anyone who’s been thinking about doing a thru-hike, or just doing a section or two. I’ve only been on the AT in a few areas, and I’d love to try a new section or two. We’ll have to see how things work out as springtime/summer get closer, and plans begin firming up. I’ll have to check my maps and talk w/ some folks. I experienced some hard hiking in the Whites, which surprised me, given there’s no real elevation to deal with like out west. Keep up your planning, Mike, and we’ll stay in touch. And for you others out there -this just might be the chance of a lifetime, give it some serious thought.

  2. I’ll be following the adventure for sure. Thanks for passing on. Hope you get out into the snow.

    • Mike Hohmann says:

      Thanks Caroline, I’m heading out in an hour or so. Headed to snowshoe in Frontenac SP along the Mississippi River and Lake Pepin in SE Minnesota. Currently -5 degrees F and winchill of -15 degrees F. I’ll dress warm! 😉

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